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Low emission Yachting.Because we love Ibiza!

We are your yacht experts for low-emission yachting in Ibiza, Formentera and the Balearic Islands.

Our motto is: Explore Ibiza the right way. For us, that means: From the sea! We have been offering luxury yachting options in Ibiza for 20 years. Since the end of 2018, we have started our new mission: SAY Carbon Yachts. We are the exclusive dealers for SAY Carbon Yachts for the Balearic Islands with the main office in Ibiza – in Marina Santa Eulalia. The German manufacture builds sustainable luxury yachts out of carbon fiber that weigh a fraction of conventional boats. And because of their low weight, they consume less fuel!

An economic and at the same time ecological success!

We are proud members of the Solar Impulse Foundation, the founders of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. In the last few years we have successfully started to build a network with the support of those who enjoy and support low emission – electric – and at the same time high performance yacht possibilities.

Because we love Ibiza and your environment. And together we can protect and preserve it.

Would you like to invest in sustainable carbon yachts and enjoy the impressive benefits of a SAY Carbon yacht, as well as the reliable service of S.E.Yachting? Then get to know us and give us a call or send us an email.

Low emission Charter 2021

We offer an unique Charter experience to enjoy care free Yachting. You pay an "all inclusive" fee: No hidden costs. Fuel and VAT are included. How’s that possible? Our Charter Yachts are manufactured from Carbon, and Carbon light weight Yachts consume less fuel. It’s that simple :)

BOOK your adventure now!

Environmental conscious Yachting

For 20 years S.E. Yachting has offered various Yachting options.

At the right moment we decided it's time for change, and focus on Low emission - Electric - High Performance Luxury Yachting solutions to create environmental conscious options. With our new mission SAY Carbon Ibiza we have been successful connecting with people thinking alike. Those who want to protect the waters and nature of Ibiza and Formentera to keep it special. Those who want to support our electrifying revolution.
In Short: Those who love Ibiza.

The future is now! What are you waiting for? Change with us!

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