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Premiere at the BOOT 2019 in Düsseldorf

Premiere at the BOOT 2019 in Düsseldorf

Premiere at the BOOT 2019 in Düsseldorf

Thursday February 7th, 2019

Not only for the this year BOOTshow in Düsseldorf which celebrated ist 50th anniversary it was a special year. Also for the team of S.E.Yachting it has been a boatshow to remember: It was the very first time that we represented SAY Yachts BALEARICS!



Since January 2019 we are the exclusive distributor for SAY Carbon Yachts on Ibiza for the Balearics and beside us many clients were interested in this unique light weight construction of the SAY Yachts. The german television filmed our boats and the certificate for the world´s fastest electric boat (average speed 89km/h) was handovered, which is also manifactured in Germany by SAY Carbon Yachts. What a great show it was!

Thanks to its unique bow made of Carbon fibre, it cuts literally the water and guarantees stability while cruising with a speed with over 80km/h. Your future driving pleasure reaches another level!

What more could we (he) want?


We from S.E.Yachting are very proud to be the pioneers in Spain who are able to offer our clients Yachts with optional electric drive and create a milestone for the future of „emission-free-driving“ in the Balearics.

We already invite you to our this year IBIZA boatshow in April to see our displayed SAY Carbon Yachts.

Have we inspired your curiosity or do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact us:

+34 971 338 394


Sunny regards from Ibiza

Your team from S.E.Yachting



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  • SAY 29
    SAY 29
    Marina Santa Eulalia
    People: 5 Guests
  • SAY 42
    SAY 42
    Marina Santa Eulalia
    People: 10 Guests
  • SAY 45 RIB
    SAY 45 RIB
    Marina Botafoch
    People: 12 Guests
  • SAY 31 RIB
    SAY 31 RIB
    Marina Santa Eulalia
    People: 5 Guests + Captain