Diving like James B.ond

“We thought about designing our own Seabob to give our clients an individual experience. Seabobs are great fun and everyone should have at least one onboard!” (J.Blanchfield)

Enjoy Ibiza-lifestyle

When you go boating with your family and friends, take - at least - one of these stylish luxurious sea toys.
The kids (and the big boys) will be entertained with you.

While he is seabobbing around, she now can lean back, relax and enjoy this well deserved yacht life in beautiful Ibiza and Formentera!

See how easy it is to make everybody happy :)

Always take - at least -
one seabob with you
when you go boating

Seabobbing with our special designed Ibiza Seabob through crystal clear waters in Ibiza is always a highlight for everyone.
Happy faces are guaranteed! More information you'll find here: www.seabobpartneribiza.com