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SAY Yachts Balearics

We´re proud to announce that S.E.Yachting is the exclusive distributor of SAY Carbon Yachts for the Balearics.

Thanks to this innovative Yacht engeneering, your driving pleasure reaches another level!

It´s the right way to cruise through turquoise, christal clear waters of Ibiza and Mallorca!


The world´s fastest production built electric boat: SAY 29E Runabout Carbon.
With an top average speed of 89 km/h /48 kn this model holds the world speed record without competition

Thanks to the most innovative developer for e-mobility in Europe - Kreisel Electric – the SAY29E reaches a top-speed of 48 knots and high-class performance of 500HP.

What more could we (he) want?

The unique hull of SAY yachts

All SAY Yachts are handcrafted and engineered with the latest technique in Germany of Carbon fibres, are extremely robust and lightweight and have a tensile strength comparable to steel while weighing only a fraction.

The result and a great benefit of this special construction: Ultra lightweight yachts that extend fuel range while lowering fuel consumption.

SAY Yachts have unique hulls made of pure carbon fibre. Thanks its characteristic steep-angled „wave-cutter“ contour, every Yacht literally cuts easily through the water.

The sidewings of the SAY 29 and 42 ensure maximum stability and precise steering even at extreme curve speeds.

Thanks its ultralight hull construction, every SAY Yachts owns an extraordinary slippery surface. The result: Top speeds of up to 60 kn (roughly equivalent to 115 km/h). The low weight achieves the breath-taking acceleration of a super sports car even with the 350 hp entry-level engine. With the premium 483 hp power plant by Ilmor, the SAY 29 RUNABOUT reaches a top speed of 60 kn (115 km/h).




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