HUBLOT x SAY Carbon Yachts Ibiza

HUBLOT x SAY Carbon Yachts Ibiza

HUBLOT x SAY Carbon Yachts Ibiza

Monday July 3rd, 2023

HUBLOT takes Ibiza by Storm with Spectacular Event on four SAY Carbon Yachts

Ibiza, June 2023 – Luxury watch brand HUBLOT made waves in Ibiza last month with an exclusive event aboard our four SAY 42 yachts. The event showcased the stunning new timepiece, the Big Bang Unico Sky Blue, and attracted the attention of renowned influencers, celebrities, and brand ambassadors.

Among the notable guests was legendary Usain Bolt who graced the event as an official Brand Ambassador. Accompanied by Victoria Federica, and a host of other high-profile celebrities, they all embarked on a memorable ride on our “supercars on waters,” the SAY 42 model from SAY Carbon Yachts

The festivities continued as HUBLOT arranged a cool and stylish arrival for their guests at the enchanting restaurant Casa Pacha in Formentera. In a remarkable display of sustainability and sophistication, they booked all four SAY Carbon Yachts to serve as unique and stylish transfers, providing an unforgettable journey to the stunning location.

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