Explore Ibiza. By Seabob!

Explore Ibiza. By Seabob!

Explore Ibiza. By Seabob!

Friday January 18th, 2019

Our beautiful island Ibiza shows like every summer its multifaceted beauty. Every year you can’t wait until the boating season starts so you can finally cruise around the bays to stroll and enjoy the stunning panoramic views. While one wants to relax the others maybe yearn for some workout and water activity.

With our special and limited edition S.E. Yachting Seabob we have the perfect high performance watertoy for everybody! Great fun for him and her!

You choose the speed level depending on your condition and here we go. On or under water: There are no limits to spend a great time. By pressing the green button you spontaneously decide if you want to go faster. And if you feel it´s too fast: Just press once the red button and you slow down again. It’s a very easy and a great fun experience that we think: Once you´ve tried a Seabob, you can’t go cruising again without one!

Even together you can glide through the turquoise water and explore Ibiza or Formentera in a new perspective.

Besides buying, you can also rent our S.E. Yachting Seabob.

For more information just call or write us a message.

Tel:   +34 971 338 394


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  • SAY 45 RIB
    SAY 45 RIB
    Marina Botafoch
    People: 12 Guests
  • SAY 29
    SAY 29
    Marina Santa Eulalia
    People: 5 Guests
  • SAY 42
    SAY 42
    Marina Santa Eulalia
    People: 10 Guests