Our mission? Less emission

Our mission? Less emission

Our mission? Less emission

Wednesday March 24th, 2021

Find out here how we intend to implement our “Less Emission” mission in 2021:

For 2 years now, you can buy SAY Carbon Yachts from us, which have one big advantage over conventional boats: They consume less emissions.

Why are SAY Carbon Yachts sustainable?

They are built entirely from Carbon Fibre and weigh very little. The SAY 42 weighs only 4.3 tonnes, including the engine and the Seakeeper stabiliser. The low weight means less fuel is consumed. Read here more about our revolutionary SAY Carbon Yachts .

For the last 2 years we have been exclusively offering Low Emission Charters with our SAY Carbon Yachts fleet.

What makes the difference to “conventional” charters?

“Conscious yachting without compromising on luxury and performance has never been so eye-catching…”

Enjoy Ibiza from the sea and discover beautiful little bays where you can snorkel, swim or simply enjoy a glass of wine on board undisturbed 🙂

To prove that our SAY Carbon Yachts use very little fuel, they are included in the charter price. Learn more about our charter programm here.

We have decided to extend the focus on sustainability to boating life in Ibiza.

For the benefit of water quality and to avoid the use of chemicals, we offer you the opportunity to purchase Norwex products from us for the sustainable cleaning of your boat – and your home. Find out more about the products here.

Reduce water consumption sustainably

Especially on Ibiza, an island that lives mainly from tourism, a lot of water is used during the high season. Think of the tonnes of towels washed in a year on Ibiza and Formentera – and the huge amounts of detergent that pollute the water and the high energy consumption. Besides hotels and villa rentals, the Yacht Charter sector also takes up a large area of this.

That is why we decided: We can make a contribution to sustainably reduce the water and energy consumption that occurs during laundry.

Help us to help our environment!

We would like to ask you: Please bring your own towel to your boat trip!

If you can’t bring towels with you: Buy yours from us to keep for later use! We sell towels that are made of 100% high quality cotton, are 100% vegan and are produced in Austria by Vossen®. They have high absorbency, are durable, super soft and are your stylish companion on board and at the beach / pool.


2021 here we go: Explore Ibiza the right way!

Kind regards from your S.E.Yachting Team from Ibiza